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Blurbs for Events

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Monday 2/25/2008- 6:00pm to 7:30
Thinking about Law School?
Are you considering law school? Not sure if its the right choice for you or how best to prepare? No matter what your current major, if you think law school may be in your future, you need to attend this session. Presenters: Prelaw advisor from Drexel University, Admissions representatives from Widener University School of Law and other local law schools, and current law students.
Thursday February 28, 2008- 3:30- 5:30pm
Mock Interview Session for Paralegal and Justice Students and Alumni. Career Services Center, CBI
Are you nervous at job interviews? Need some input on your interviewing skills? This session will help to allay some of those issues for you and provide feedback on improvement. Potential employers and legal recruiters will be conducting the mock interviews for Paralegal and Justice students and grads. Email jjaobs@ccp.edu"; return true;" onclick="javascript:view('http://luminis1.ccp.edu/cp/email/compose?to=jjaobs@ccp.edu'); return false;" onmouseout="window.status=; return true;" href="mailto:jjacobs@ccp.edu">jjacobs@ccp.edu for your appointment and dress for success!The Nine'' chronicles the historical cases and ideological shift in the Supreme Court from 1985-present. Rick Frei (facilitator, Teaching Center) leads a discussion about the book and the future of the Supreme Court.
Make sure you also bring a copy of your resume to the session.


"High School Day"

This interactive day of activities, which is offered in connection with LEAP Kids, is dedicated to providing high school students with an understanding of the law and its relationship to other areas. Typically guest lecturers, including police officers, lawyers, judges and others, participate in a legal "story," in which students are active participants. If you’d like to participate or know a high school student who would like to participate, please contact Linda J. Hibbs, Esquire, Assistant Professor, Community College of Philadelphia at lhibbs@ccp.eduor 215 751-8908.


"Fences and Freedom: Immigration Since 9/11"

Is limiting immigration the answer to security concerns since 9/11? How has immigration law changed in response to the threat of terrorism?

Presenter: Steven A. Morley, Esquire. Partner, Morley Surin & Griffin, PC

"Philadelphia C.S.I."

Philadelphia Police Department Crime Scene Unit

Thursday 2-28-08, 9:30 AM to 10:50 AM in the large auditorium in the Bonnell Building, ground floor.


The Philadelphia Police Department's Crime Scence Unit will explain its role in the photographing and sketching of crime scenes as well as its method in the identification and processing of crime scene evidence. Actual, and sometimes graphic, crime scene photos will be shown.


"Putting Crime on the Map: A GIS Demonstration"

Philadelphia Police Department Crime Mapping Unit

Tuesday 2-26-08, 8:00 AM to 9:20 AM, Room S2-3


What happens when crime is placed on a map? How do police agencies use the latest Geographic Information Systems technologies to track, predict and prevent crime? This fascinating demonstration of the Philadelphia Police COMPSTAT mapping system will show the latest use of GIS in law enforcement. Plus, this session will conclude with an overview of GIS curriculum opportunities at CCP.


"Violent Death Investigations"

Assistant Professor Mark A. Jones

Thursday, 2-28-08, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, NERC


Homicide or Suicide? While some crime scenes appear to be "obvious suicides" or "obvious homicides," such is not always the case! This session will address the various types of evidence that would be found at the scenes of violent deaths and some of the indicators of homicide vs. suicide. The analysis of such evidence will be explored as well as the investigative methods used by police.


"The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court"

Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM

The Teaching Center

Rick Frei

Jeffrey Toobin's book


"The Crime Reporters"

Associate Professor Thomas J. Doyle

Chief Inspector William Colarulo

Thursday 2-28-08 11AM -12:20PM


This popular event returns with a panel of local crime reporters, all experts in their field, discussing the role of the news media in the reporting of crime. Panelists include:

Barbara Boyer - Philadelphia Inquirer

Sharon Crowley - Fox 29 TV News

Dann Cuellar - WPVI-TV's Action News

Mike Strug - NBC 10 TV News

William Colarulo - Philadelphia Police Department (Moderator)



"The Snitching Project"

Dr Rick Frei and the Snitching Project Research Team

Wednesday 1:25-3:30

Room TBA


The Snitching Project is an ongoing student-driven interdisciplinary research initiative aimed at developing a better understanding of the snitching phenomenon and facilitating community discussion through education. In this session, research team members will summarize the results of The Snitching Survey, a questionnaire regarding the meaning of snitching, as well as possible antecedents and correlates of snitching attitudes.



"Red Flags:  Legal and Ethical Issues in Assessing Risk Through Student Output"

Monday, February 25th, 12:30-1:15PM

Location:  The Teaching Center

Join Rick Frei (Psychology)i, Melissa St. Pierre (Counseling), Randy Merced (Security), Fran DiRosa (Center on Disability), and Julie Odell (English) as they discuss methods of identifying at risk students through classroom behavior/output and processes for dealing with such students.



"Lost Dreams on Canvas: Portraits of Murder Victims"

Art Show


Lost Dream on Canvas is the result of a unique partnership that began in 1993 between the Veterans Against Drugs and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Many Philadelphia-area artists have donated their time and talents to paint more than 150 portraits of innocent victims of random violence. Their unique and selfless contributions have created a most moving and effective tribute.


"Music, Drugs, and Crime"

George Anastasia

Thursday, February 28, 2008. Northeast Campus. 12:10

Room TBA


George Anastasia, The Philadelphia Inquirer crime reporter and author of highly regarded works on organized crime, will share findings from

his current research on Ace Capone, a music mogul implicated with drug dealing. It promises to highlight the growing problem facing the music industry in the 21st century.


"Hate Crimes"

William A. Love


An in-depth analysis of different hate crime laws that relate to violence based on religion, race, sexual orientation and national origin. In addition to a lecture on the subject, there will be a short video on hate crimes in America.



"Law & Society Film Festival"


Monday, February 25, 2008, 12 Noon - 1:20PM

Room TBA

Moderator: Lisa Handler, Ph.D. and Dena Sukol, Esq.


Loeun Lun was admitted to the U.S. as part of a large group of refugees from Cambodia in the 1980's. As a "permanent resident", the refugees were not afforded the same protections as American citizens. Under strict anti-terrorism legislation enacted in 1996, even minor convictions can result in automatic deportation. The of Lun, who, as a teenager, fired a gun in the air to protect himself from a gang attack, is explored as he faces deportation many years later.



"Law & Society Film Festival"

TROOP 1500

Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 11AM - 12:20PM

Room TBA

Moderators: Lisa Handler, Ph.D. and Dena Sukol, Esq.


Troop 1500 is a Girl Scout troop that brings mothers who are serving time for serious crimes together with their daughters on the outside. The film follows five young girls whose mothers are serving time in Texas. The girls were trained in videography so that they could conduct their own interviews and tell their own stories. The girls ask hard questions and get tough answers.



"Law & Society Film Festival"


Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 3:30PM - 4:50PM

Room TBA

Moderators: Lisa Handler, Ph.D. and Dena Sukol, Esq.


It was 1963 and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. needed help to end segregation in the City of Birmingham, Alabama. African American adults couldn't demonstrate for fear of losing their jobs so the African American children of Birmingham braved fire hoses and police dogs and brought segregation to its knees. In this recreation of events, the role of the children, their marching and their time spent in jail is combined with interviews with the Civil Rights leaders who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



"Law & Society Film Festival"


Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 10AM - 12 Noon

Room TBA

Moderator: Lisa Handler, Ph.D. and Dena Sukol, Esq.


According to a landmark study, an African American defendant who kills a white victim is up to 30 times more likely to be sentenced to death than a white defendant who kills an African American victim. The fates of two death row inmates (in Alabama and Illinois) are followed with commentary by the attorneys who fought for these men's lives and by prosecutors, criminal justice scholars and experts in the fields of law and the media.



"Law & Society Film Festival"


Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 9AM- 11AM

West Philadelphia Regional Campus

Moderator: Jane Jacobs, Esq.


Race is one subject where we all think we're experts. Whether or not we believe the stereotypes, we can all name them. And yet, what do we really know? The idea that race isn't biological goes against one of our most fundamental assumptions: that there are meaningful, natural divisions between groups of people. Certainly people look different, but as it turns out, appearances can be deceiving.



"Law & Society Film Festival"


Thursday, Februrary 28, 2008, 2PM - 4PM

Room TBA

Moderator: Dena Sukol, Esq.


In the little town of Kumba, Cameroon, two women are determined to change their community where there have been no convictions in spousal abuse cases for 17 years. This often hilarious documentary follows the work of State Prosecutor Vera Ngassa and Court President Beatrice Ntuba as they help women fight often difficult cases of abuse, despite pressures from family and community to remain silent. The two feisty, progressive-minded women dispense wisdom, wisecracks and justice in fair measure, handing down stiff sentences to those convicted. Winner of the Prix Art et Essai at the Cannes Film Festival and screened to acclaim at more than 120 festivals around the world. A cross between "Judge Judy" and "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency", the film has audiences cheering when justice is served.












“Competency and the Death Penalty”


Dr. Heidi Braunschweig and Dr. Julie Gurner


Wednesday 10:10 – 11:05 am


Room TBA


Can a person be too incompetent to be executed? This presentation will take a comprehensive look

at this important issue from the prospective of mental retardation and mental illness. In 2006,

The American Bar Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association

and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill all passed almost identical resolutions exempting those with severe mental illness from the death penalty. The notion of competency is examined as it relates to execution, and specific cases will be presented to help us take

a look at how the process works and where the future is leading us.




“Ending Domestic Violence”

Mary Conway; Women Against Abuse

Wednesday February 27, 2008




Every hour, fifty-six women will be physically victimized by an intimate partner (U.S. Bureau of Justice). In this interactive session, students will learn the warning signs of abuse, strategies for ending abuse, and how to help others who may be in abusive relationships. Educators and attorneys from the Philadelphia organization Women Against Abuse will visit Women’s Studies 101 to answer questions and provide resources.



“Practical Answers for Real Problems: Free Legal Forum”

Friday February 29, 2008


Main Campus Room TBA


Have you ever wished you had a super smart lawyer friend who could answer your questions abour real-life problems? Although this isn't considered advice, you may find this forum very helpful. Legal experts will address students' questions about problems that often prevent them from succeeding in school and life. Preference will be given to questions generated by the classes of English Professors Marcotte, Tomkins, and Cunningham, but all are welcome.


International Student Panel

Moderator: Nicole Vadino & Girija Nagaswami


What are laws like in another country? How do they differ from the US? This panel of international students will delve into the laws of foreign lands and answer questions from the audience. Come explore other lands and find out about laws, punishment and the criminal justice systems.








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